If it’s not right, it’s wrong . . . unless you’re a Realtor?

What if you found out that your Realtor worked at a company where only 10 of the 100 company Agents followed recommended business practices?  Shocking as that might sound, 10% is pretty typical for industry standards.

Ok, I’ll give it to you . . .  “recommended business practices” is a pretty loose term.  So, for clarification purposes in this video we are referring to these key points:

“Documents” referring to State of California C.A.R. forms (required).  And “recommended business practices” referencing client care and customer service, i.e. using organized communication system, tracking and returning correspondence, regular transaction updates, quality marketing tools, etc.

What are your thoughts?  Should Realtors (as independent contractors), be allowed to practice without any substantial accountability in place?  Or should modern real estate mandate a more consistent and protected experience for the consumer?  I would love to hear your thoughts.